Sunday Drive and Lunch – October 24th 2021



9am meet in Machynlleth

Room for 15 Cars

90 Mile Route to Norbar Barmouth where we have a group booking for Sunday Lunch for midday.


Stunning Coastal roads, scenic lakeside pass with some incredibly tight and twisty mountain sections.

There will be a Fuel stop at Mile 30 (RON 97) and also an option for 97 Fuel approx 3 Miles from Norbar in Barmouth.


Please let us know if you will have a passenger as we have limited spaces for the event booking at the restaurant.



Every car type is welcome, if you have a standard car, classic car, modified car or even a supercar.

The intention is to get like minded car enthusiasts together to enjoy some of the best roads in the UK.

I have met many friends through car groups and I hope that you will too.



** Please note **

All mini event charges are non refundable, they are to cover hosting of website and upkeep of website, CRM system, organising, booking system and running of the events.


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